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Factors that impact growth in Inner Life

How do we grow spiritually and develop a godly character? 

In an empirical research* with four Victorian churches (Australia), we explored disciples’ growth in the area of Inner Life over the last 12 months.

Growth in Inner Life predicted or impacted Overall Spiritual Growth.  

The data revealed that:

  • Disciples aged 50 years and older self-reported the highest growth in their Inner Life as compared to other age demographics.
  • Disciples aged 18-24 self-reported higher scores of growth in their Inner Life as compared to disciples aged 25-49. 

Age is NOT a factor that associated with growth in the Inner Life.

So, what factors are related to growth in the Inner Life?

Being involved in a Peer Support Group was the factor that related most strongly with growth in the disciples’ Inner Life.

Three out of the four factors that impacted Inner Life were group-oriented: Peer Group, Small Group, Family.

Sharing authentically, respectfully and vulnerably in intimate...

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How to facilitate discipleship post-COVID?

equipping disciplers Jun 04, 2021

The Church is commissioned to make disciples who make disciples until the second coming of Jesus Christ. Facts! 

The recent events surrounding the Covid 19 global pandemic have forced churches across the world to rethink their discipleship approaches. Churches are now experimenting with online services and mid-week options. Whilst some churches see this as an opportunity, others feel like they have been forced into it. There's truth to both those views.

Regardless, we all know that discipleship requires far more deliberation than simply publishing online content on YouTube or posting regularly on Facebook, Instagram or Tiktok. These platforms are a good start, but they certainly don't make the cut! 

So if these platforms are not the be all and end all, what is required in order to facilitate effective online discipleship?

Here are some insights and tips for how you can facilitate effective ONLINE discipling environments in your local ministry. We draw these...

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How to equip disciplers in the local church?

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