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We exist to equip disciplers to multiply Jesus-like disciples across the planet! 

A Developmental Framework

We all want to develop authentic Jesus-like disciples. We long for something beyond the version of Christianity that is just about going to church, running engaging events and getting inspired by a winner sermon! Research supports the observations that, as a Church, we get excited about conversions but we aren't doing a fabulous job at developing Jesus-like disciples. Why? Every God-honouring church is committed to multiplying authentic disciples as per Jesus' commission, and we agree that the timeless goal of discipleship is Christlikeness. So what is the problem? The problem is that we don't have an educational framework to assist us with a timely method of discipleship. And that is the very reason that we get excited about sharing the GenJ educational framework for disciple-making. This framework has been received, researched and reproduced to multiply Jesus-like disciples across the globe.

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Training Workshops

You will absolutely love our fun and interactive training workshops. These workshops will help you explore a biblical and educational framework for equipping disciplers.

With 20+ years of industry experience in learning & development, our workshops will engage, inspire, challenge and resource you as a disciple and discipler.

All workshops include full-colour workbooks, expert group facilitators and lunch. 

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Communities of Disciplers

You will thrive as you join a Community of Disciplers (CoD). Together you will embark on a journey for 12 months that will equip you as a discipler. These CoDs run online via Messenger video or in person, in groups of 4-6 people, led by a trained facilitator.

CoD groups run for 21 sessions @ 1 hour and 15 minutes a fortnight.

You will also receive a beautiful GenJ journal/CoD workbook to support your learning.

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Facilitator Resources

Once you have participated in a CoD, you can gain access to an online facilitator library of resources that will equip you to lead a Community of Disciplers (CoD).

These 27 video library sessions will guide you, session-by-session, through the entire framework for equipping disciplers. This video library can be easily accessed via a mobile App.

You will also gain access to an online peer-support group for all CoD facilitators and leaders.

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Sermon: Raising Jesus-Like Disciples

The GenJ framework for disciple-making is briefly articulated in this 30-minute sermon. This sermon is taken from a sermon series Peter preached at his local church some time ago, titled: "What do you want to be when you grow up?"


Developing the Disciples

New believers are celebrated for making a life-defining decision to follow Jesus. They may also be inspired to read the Word, pray, witness and volunteer in a church community. Yet, they aren't supported with a clear developmental map to navigate their discipleship journey. Is it any wonder that believers often feel bored, stuck or stale in their faith? GenJ proposes an approach to equip you in developing disciples and facilitating their progressive development towards Christlikeness. This framework will assist your disciples in evaluating their progress, setting  next steps goals and celebrating their holistic development.

Equipping the Disciple-Makers

Disciple-makers may lack the confidence and skills to develop others. Disciple-making training programs can often be limited to teaching people the skills to share the Gospel. At worst, these approaches resemble sales-like training seminars. GenJ seeks to resource disciplers with educational strategies to develop and multiply disciples. We do NOT want to motivate disciplers to multiply disciples who talk-the-talk, but Jesus-like disciples who walk-the-walk and wow their communities with the aroma of Jesus wherever they go.   

Resourcing Ministry Teams

Discipleship is not another program to add to an extensive menu of ministry activities. It's a culture that permeates everything we do. Ministry teams who embrace the timeless goal of discipleship (Christlikeness) and trained in deploying effective educational strategies are more likely to transform their communities. GenJ equips ministry teams to shape their culture, align their activities and pursue a discipleship movement of Jesus-like disciples.


A Case Study on Disciple-Making in Melbourne, Australia.

Elle (Youth Pastor)

Watch this video to see the potential transformation that this GenJ discipling framework can create in a ministry environment. Elle is the Youth Pastor at a local church in the south easter suburbs of Melbourne, Australia. In the span of 3 years, she has witnessed a cultural transformation from event-making to disciple-making!

Daniel (Youth Leader)

Watch this video to witness the impact of this GenJ discipling framework on mentors and mentees. Daniel is a Carpenter and a Youth Leader at a local church in the south eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Australia. He has been involved in this discipling framework for three years. His experience will motivate you.

Alicia (Youth Member)

Watch this video to celebrate the story of a third generation disciple, who is investing in the next generation at her local church. Alicia's life has been completely transformed through this GenJ discipling framework. Amazingly, she began to disciple a younger girl from the ripe age of 16 years old. Her story will mobilise you.

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