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Why should you live out your calling as a discipler?

discipler's identity Dec 02, 2021

 Have you ever been excited about a goal or a task, but found it hard to persist with it overtime?

Maybe it was at the start of the year when you decided to take up a new course of study. While you had previously been excited, it was now exam season and the thought of all of the content you have to learn was making you panic. Or maybe there was a new exercise regime that you committed to but now were dreading the idea of waking up early to work out each morning.

Whatever your situation may look like, you probably asked yourself ‘Why am I doing this? Is it even worth it?’

How did you respond? What did you do? Did you decide to push on through or did you decide to give up?

Personally, I know that if I don’t have a reason for engaging in a certain behaviour, then I am less likely to stick to my goal or complete whatever the task might be. 

One of my goals at the start of the year was to go for a run of at least 3km at a minimum of 5 times a week. While...

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Maintaining Spiritual Cleanliness as a Discipler

discipler's identity Nov 25, 2021

 Have you ever been asked a question that has made perfect sense while making no sense at all?

Earlier this week one of the kids at my workplace asked me: “Eleisha, why do we wash our towel if we’re supposed to be clean when we use them? How does a towel get dirty? And if we’re clean, then, why can’t we just use the same towel forever?”

After having a quick giggle, I began to think about it more. I thought no matter how hard we scrubbed, we would never be able to become 100% clean.

Why would this be the case?

Well, because we live in a world with bacteria, germs and other types of pathogens that keep us from being fully clean. 

Can you catch the similarities between our physical and spiritual cleanliness?

You see, in the same way that this world limits us from experiencing complete physical cleanliness, it is impossible for us to become fully clean, living lives free from sin on this side of eternity.

So, rather than it...

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The Math of Multiplying Disciples

I’ll never forget commencing my university degree and discovering that I needed to do a math subject.

What did a Bachelor of Business have to do with math? “Everything” I hear you say!

Well, I had hoped that my relationship math would have ended after high school because quite frankly, to me, math seemed like some freaky blood stained corpse on the Ghost Train who had jumped out from behind a dark uni door unexpectedly. And yet there I was signing up for a degree with a first semester subject called “Quantitative Analysis.” 

My fears and my mathematical incompetence collided and I managed to fail that subject rather impressively. The quickest foreseeable way to passing this nightmare math unit was to do it as a 3 week summer school program. I recall my dad offering to pay the $700 upfront fee and warning me sternly, “Do not fail, this is costing good money.”

I tried to blame my subject fail on my mum’s death a few months prior,...

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Chief Discipling Officer: Interview Tips

discipler's identity Sep 01, 2021

 Can you think back to a time where you were busting for what sounded like the perfect job? As you hit “submit” on that online application, you couldn’t decide if you were more excited or nervous.  Then the long awaited phone call. You were then scheduled for an interview. You knew from here, it all rested on your performance in that interview and you prayed your heart out that you wouldn’t fumble it and let this opportunity slip through your fingers.

What would you have given for someone who knew the interview questions and could tell you what they were? Better still, what would you have exchanged for someone who was prepared to coach you on what to say to guarantee the job? Now we’re talking!

Stay with me.

As a disciple of Jesus who believes that you are called to make disciples, what would you say if we offered you some tips to help you in a proverbial job interview for a role called, ‘CDO – Chief Discipling Officer’?


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A Disciple’s Mirror

discipler's identity Aug 25, 2021

Have you ever been to a house of mirrors at funfairs or amusement parks?

If you have, you are probably familiar with the maze-like-mirrors. Sometimes the mirrors are distorted due to different curves, convex or concave in the glass. Distortions portray unusual or confusing reflections of people as they look themselves in these mirrors.

Imagine if someone mistaken these distortions for reality!

Imagine a 5-foot-3 individual ducking their head to get through a doorframe, thinking they were as tall as the distorted mirror made appear! Embarrassing, right?

The mirror you trust defines your image… this image motivates your actions… your actions determine your future trajectory, right?

This same concept is just as critical in the way we see ourselves spiritually. The mirror that we trust to be accurate would undoubtedly construct our perspective of reality. It will dictate what we believe about ourselves, hence what we do in the present, and eventually what we would become...

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What is your life's calling as a Christian?

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