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Is SOAP Biblical? (Part 2)

Reading the Bible daily, meditatively, and obediently is one of the most critical means for spiritual growth towards Christlikeness. Why? Because God’s Word is like food that is necessary for our spiritual nourishment and development.

And just as there are diverse and equally valid ways of consuming food, there are also diverse and valid ways of consuming God’s Word.

A restaurant chef consumes food for the purpose of creating the best possible meals. Chefs are akin to Bible teachers who study God’s Word, digging for theological concepts, exploring historical and cultural contexts, analysing grammar, comparing biblical texts throughout the cannon, as well as synergising and presenting biblical truths in an engaging way for their audience.

A restaurant critic consumes food for the purpose of analysing the quality of meals. Critics are similar to Bible study groups or theologically oriented students who investigate the cultural background, mull over each passage,...

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Is SOAP a Valid Way of Reading the Bible? (Part 1)

Disciplers equip believers to read and obey God’s Word daily in order to support their spiritual development.

In a study with 2,500 churchgoers in the USA, Lifeway Research (2019) asserts that “Bible reading was one of the most predictive of spiritual maturity.” Yet, their research indicates that only 32% of Christians (Protestant churchgoers) read their Bible daily (Few Protestant Churchgoers Read the Bible Daily - Lifeway Research).

Does that sound strange to you?

Have you ever wondered why Christians are too busy, or lethargic, or inconsistent in reading God’s Word daily?

Maybe the enemy has deceptively schemed to undermine the commitment of believers to the Word and consequently, their growth towards Christlikeness. Sadly, one of the most disconcerting plots of the enemy often comes from within the ranks of the church. Some teachers, leaders and bloggers have unintentionally dissuaded believers from reading their Bible.

Ambo the Youth Leader

Ambo was...

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