We exist to equip disciplers to multiply Jesus-like disciples across the planet! 


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Check out our new book: GenJ.


People Development

GenJ offers all types of training opportunities to equip you to be a Jesus-like discipler. Check out our training workshops and online courses and then keep an eye out for our (drumroll...) upcoming accredited courses. 

Production Studio

GenJ produces TV programs for free to air TV in North America, Europe and the Middle East, Australia and New Zealand. These episodes seek to inspire you to be everything God designed them to be and to do everything God desires them to do.

Publication Arm

GenJ also includes a publishing arm that publishes books, journals and online resources to equip you to live out your full-potential in Jesus. You can check out our resources HERE

Vision: The Brand

We dream of the day where communities across the planet will embrace a new brand of Christianity. A brand that produces a specific type of people in the world: Jesus-like people. Disciples and disciplers. A brand that provokes a genuine and wholehearted commitment to the Saviour, so that those who live may no longer live for themselves. A brand that ignites a global holiness movement for the young and the old. A brand that is too genuine to dismiss, too attractive to ignore, and too powerful to resist. A brand that suffocates the work of the enemy in this world.


Vision: The Method

We dream of the day where churches across the planet would engage with a new method of equipping disciplers.

A method that is Biblically sound and educationally sophisticated. A method that facilitates transformative relationships of authenticity, vulnerability, and heart-to-heart support and challenge. A method that unites like-minded disciples who form supernatural, loving, and life-giving partnerships.

A method that does not only train disciples to teach what they know, but to multiply who they are.


Vision: The Revival

We dream of the day where disciplers across the planet will witness a new scope of influence in the world. An influence that stems from seeing disciples called, selflessly dedicated, and divinely enabled by the Holy Spirit to impact their families, friends and communities. An influence that pursues a movement of planting Communities of Disciplers in every town around the world. An influence that compels us, stretches us, and outlasts us, for the honour of Jesus. An influence that ushers us into a new type of revival that is structured on a simple, systematic, and sustainable approach towards spiritual development that transforms cities, countries and nations, for Jesus.

Yep, we dream of a revival that you will be a part of: a revival that you ignite wherever you go.


Check out our resources to support your personal, relational and spiritual development.  You will also love Suzie's books: She Will Run, Four Keys to Freedom from Motherly Guilt and Break Free from Motherly Guilt, as well as Peter's book, Defying Death.



Contact us to speak at your church, conference or ministry team. We love to partner with churches who seek to facilitate the authentic development of their people. We have a passion to equip Jesus-like disciplers who invest in others. We'd love to chat with you. 



Call us for a consultation and take a simple first step towards your discipling training journey. We provide one-on-one or small group consultations and ongoing coaching for aspiring disciple-makers who desire to grow in their faith and support other disciples.


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We count it an absolute honour to partner with God's people in multiplying Jesus-like disciples.  We would love to support your team, church or organization through preaching, training or consulting. 

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